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From Mexico to the World

San Marcos Company started manufacturing cans in Puebla Mexico in 1949, this was the  activity that initiated our presently well-known canned products.


In 1974, San Marcos in USA begins its distribution in the West Coast and rapidly continue with the expansion across the region.


Thanks to the quality of our products and the awareness on our products, specially in Jalapeño and Chipotle Peppers, we are currently the favorite brand of Hispanic families.


Everyday, San Marcos Team is continue working to bring our traditional Mexican flavors to all dining tables and kitchens of USA.

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Mexican food is not only spicy by nature, it’s spicy because it’s mexican. And that’s what makes it unique, like our chipotles and jalapeños, give your dishes a unique flavor and enjoy this delicious taste full of tradition.
More than 6000 hectares are dedicated to its cultivation.

Our growth and value are maximized when we transform ourselves to grow and build a better world. We are part of the solutions, integrating the social, environmental and governance dimensions as the engine of our strategy and creation of shared value.

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